le chateau stanislas

The castle of Lunéville

Duke Léopold of Lorraine moved to the family estate at Lunéville in 1702, after his Nancy duchy was occupied by foreign troops. He had the Château rebuilt to ducal standards by Germain Boffrand, a pupil of Jules Hardouin-Mansart, who designed the ‘Hall of Mirrors’ at Versailles for Louis XIV. A classic, elegant château, it became Léopold’s residence and after him, that of King Stanislas Leszcynski of Poland, who inherited the Dukedom of Lorraine from his son-in-law, Louis XV. Listed as a Historical Monument, it became the property of Lorraine Conseil Général in 2001 and was visited by thousands of people. A huge fire ravaged the building on the 2nd January 2003. Since that time, the Lorraine department has patiently and tirelessly worked to restore the Château in order to give back what the creators of all this splendour had bequeathed: one of the greatest architectural collections and country landscapes of the 18th century. The renovated rooms are open all year for visits, exhibitions and walks in Bosquets Park. The restored Chapel at Lunéville has been open to visitors since September 2010.

 "Parc des Bosquets"

The 18th century Lunéville Château is undergoing restoration after severe fire damage in 2003. The chapel and the surrounding rooms have been faithfully restored and are now open for visits. The graceful Château, a jewel from the Age of Enlightenment, is surrounded by a French formal style garden, and the entire estate is placed within 51 acres of Bosquets Park’s rolling countryside, making it a lovely setting for a relaxing stroll.